Broken By The Wild Stallion (Rape Version)

by Studly Stallion

Book Cover: Broken By The Wild Stallion (Rape Version)
Part of the Broken By The Wild Stallion series:

Stranded in the middle of the night on a stretch of deserted road, Jane did the only thing she could: started walking.

Little did she know that she was being watched. Watched by a very dominant, powerful and horny stallion who wasn’t going to stop until he raped her and took her into his herd.


Jazz, a dark bay stallion, watched the woman kick a pebble as she stomped along the road. He snorted, feeling hot emotions boil in his blood.

He neighed and galloped through the vast field and slid to a stop before Jane. The stallion reared, flaying his hooves in the night air.

Jane jumped back, fear lurking in her eyes. Her heart rattled her ribcage as it felt as if it were trying to escape.

"Easy boy." She nibbled on her lip as she looked to her sides.

He pranced toward her and thrust his muzzle into her breasts, nuzzling them through her shirt.

"Hey boy, stop that," she said nervously as she slowly backed away.

He stepped forward and grabbed her shirt, ripping it from her.


He whinnied as he sniffed her bra and then pulled it from her breasts, exposing them to his greedy gaze.

"Stop!" She backed up, covering her exposed breasts from this savage animal.


He flattened his ears. Was this human mare defying him? By the way she was acting she was telling him that she was telling him that she was submissive. She needed to be taught a lesson.

"Easy boy..." She said in a soft voice, attempting to calm him down.

Without warning, Jazz snapped at her.

She screamed and raced away, wanting nothing more than to escape. What was wrong with this crazy horse?

He lowered his head and chased after her. He needed to show her his dominance so she wouldn't dare resist him.


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