Breeding My Slutty Sister

by Amber FoxxFire

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It’s not everyday you stumble upon your 18-year-old sister masturbating in the barn. I’ll tell you what, I took full advantage of that situation. How was I supposed to know dad was going to barge in?


When I looked up, I saw the terrified look of my younger, eighteen year old sister’s face. Her finger was deep in her cunt with her legs bent up by her breasts.

She always was the flexible type.

“So that’s what I was smelling? Cecilia, you slut, you’re masturbating in the shed?”

“Don’t judge me you freak. At least I don’t soil my socks.”

I growled. “I do soil my socks, but I’m going to soil your mouth too.”

I kicked the tool box aside and stomped over to Cecilia while I worked on my zipper.

Cecilia’s eyes widened and a devilish smirk played on her lips when she saw my hung ass cock flop out my fly.

She wanted to taste it, I could see it in her eyes. What a whore.


I sniffed in the muskiness of her scent and grabbed her curly blonde hair. With her hair balled in my fist, I yanked her angelic face over to my crotch and rubbed my cock all over her lips, eyes and ears. Precum had begun to flow freely and Cecilia parted her lips to taste my nectar.

“That’s right bitch, keep tasting that salt lick. It’s gonna be down your fucking throat soon.”

Cecilia moaned with anticipation as she engulfed the head of my leaking cock into her mouth. She sucked it in and out like a pro.

I thought she was a virgin, but virgins didn’t know how to give head like this slut here.
“Mmm, Ellis, it’s so good,” she moaned with a faint chuckle.

My cock had begun to turn into an angry hue of scarlet and twitch uncontrollably. This was the first time getting an erection this strong. It was so strong that I felt like my fucking cock was going to break a muscle.


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