Breeding My Wife’s Dog & Knocking Her Up With Puppies

by Amber FoxxFire

My wife of 5 years had a female dog named Molly. She was a very possessive dog and always kept her distance from me. She loved my wife to death, but I was the interloper in her world and so she made it a point to never let me pet her.

One night after we got home from a Christmas party, my wife was a bit tipsy and I decided to have a bit of fun with her.

I told her to go into the bedroom and take off her dress. She was still wearing her Christmas dress that had a tight fitting top and a long, flowing skirt.

I was extremely horny, but when I walked into the bedroom, my heart sank.

My wife was passed out. There would be no nookie today.

Except Molly had other ideas. She came up behind me and pawed at the back of my legs, wanting me to scratch her ears and neck. It was a bit weird, because she never wanted me to pet her.

When I turned around, she jumped up on the bed, which was very strange because Molly never, ever jumped up on the bed, not even while my wife was sleeping.

"Get down, Molly," I whispered.

She whined at me and then lay down beside my wife and spread open her legs.

I stared at my wife's lewd dog for several minutes, scratching my head and trying to figure out just what the fuck she was doing.


She wagged her tail.

My eyes roved her furry body and fell upon her large, blood-engorged pussy.

Her vulva was swollen and pink, and there was a tiny drop of honey sliding out.

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