Breeding My Sleeping Sister

by Amber FoxxFire

As I walked down the hallway, the thought of what was waiting for me was all I could think about.

Lisa, my 18-year-old little sister, was asleep in her bedroom, wearing nothing but a thin white t-shirt and a tiny pair of pink panties.

I had been dreaming about fucking her ever since she'd turned of age. She was 18 now and had the tightest, most fuckable pussy I had ever seen. But, of course, she was my blood sister.

I was just a couple years older than her and if word got out that I was even having these wicked thoughts about her, I'd be a disgrace.

But, the thought was too tempting to ignore. The sight of her smooth, supple skin and the way her tits pushed through that little t-shirt was all I could think about.

So, one night, when the parental units were out drinking, I'd slipped Lisa a sleeping pill - one of mom's - Ambien, I think the name was. It put her right out.

My heart beat a million miles a minute as I crept into her room. She was sound asleep, and the sight of her, her hair sprawled across the pillow and her mouth slightly open, made me so hard.

"My naughty, naughty little sister," I thought, as I carefully slid off the covers.

The sight of her beautiful body was almost too much, and I knew that tonight was the night.

"She's mine," I thought, as I carefully lifted up her t-shirt, revealing her perfect tits.

Her nipples were so perky and pink, and the sight of her flat stomach and toned legs made my cock ache with need.

I sat on the edge of her bed and just caressed her pretty face. Her hair was so soft, and her skin was so smooth, and the fact that she was out cold was the biggest turn-on in the world.

"Fuck, Lisa," I muttered, as I reached out and gently cupped one of her perfect breasts.

Her skin was so soft, and her nipple was so firm and erect.

My cock was straining against the fabric of my pants, and the thought of taking her innocence, and breaking the ultimate taboo, was driving me crazy.

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