Breeding My Human

by Jez Bestiality

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Bud, the Golden Retriever, made a bet with his fence-buddy, Max. He bet that he could get his human to mate with him. Two bones were on the line. Fortuitously, his mistress brought home a friend who could talk to animals.

The bet was on!


"Do you really speak to animals and they can answer you back?" Roxie wanted to know, looking at her friend, with amazement in her eyes.

Roxie never had been able to wrap her mind around the fact her friend could talk to animals, like Doctor Doolittle.

"Yes I can." She looked at Roxie, then looked at Bud. "Tell me something about yourself that only your owner would know."

"The next door neighbor's dog is named Max," he said with a sly smile.

"Does your neighbor have a dog named Max?" Linda wanted to know looking at her friend, smiling.

"Yes! How did you know that?!" Roxie gasped, stunned by that bit of information, Still she wanted more proof.

"He told me," she replied with a knowing smile.

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