Breeding My Family: The Full Series

by Sincesta

Book Cover: Breeding My Family: The Full Series

In a world where most men have been rendered infertile by a virus, I am one of the few with that special juice that does the job. Out of concern to my female family members, whom I want to see happy, I decide to give my special juice to all of them; Mom, my sisters, my aunts, my cousin, I will not miss any of them out.
The full series, 6 stories, see below for full list.

Taking Mom while Dad slept downstairs: Breeding my family 1
Knocking up my sister because her boyfriend can’t: Breeding my family 2
Knocking up my other sister on a porn set: Breeding my family 3
I bred my cop aunt: Breeding my family 4
I married my cousin and knocked her up: Breeding my family 5
A breeding threesome with my mom and aunt: Breeding my family 6

About the Author

You know you want it, you know you want those sinful tales of family members taking their love for each other a little too far. Sincesta is here, and Sincesta will take you to those places you know you shouldn't go...

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