Breeding My Daughter In The Snow

by Amber FoxxFire

At last the anticipation I had built up all week had finally come to the point of being satisfied.

It was a late Friday afternoon, and with a weekend away at a cabin out in the woods planned — with my cute, 18-year-old daughter, Cassy, for company — I was about to lean into the darkest corners of my lust-addled mind.

A depraved and forbidden sexual journey was about to unfold; in that cabin, out in the woods, in the deep of winter.

With Christmas looming, and before we could even fully unpack, my gorgeous young daughter would receive the biggest Christmas gift she’d ever get.

With a Free Use charm resting on the mantelpiece of the old log cabin’s fireplace — a charm which I found by luck the last went there with my niece, only two months preciously — I was about to cross a line even further than the one I’d crossed with my sweet blonde niece.

A daddy’s sexy daughter was the ultimate prize to a sick father like me. And Cassy — with her long dark hair, huge creamy tits, and shapely long legs — at just eighteen, was about to feel the full weight of my nasty lust for her.

Far away from the city, where even a weak mobile signal was pretty much dead, it was just me, her, and my warped longing for a piece of her peachy ass and fresh, bald pussy!

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