Breeding My Cousins

by Amber FoxxFire

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With their mom gone, my two cousins, Melody and Brittany had nowhere to go. I hadn’t seen them in several years and was shocked at how stunning they were now that they were all grown up. Melody had large, ample breasts, wide hips and mischievous blue eyes. Her sister had smaller, but firmer boobs with long legs a gorgeous smile.

But there was something they both wanted: For me to knock them up.


"Well...we're both..."

"What Mel is trying to say is that we're both ovulating and fertile and we want your baby," Brittany finished for her sister.

"What?" I spit my wine out. I looked at the two girls and they were both smiling and nodding.
"You are..." Melody waved her hand in front of her.

"Of course he is, sis! Any man that hot has to be." Brittany swooned.

"Am what?" I cleared my throat.

"Potent." They both said aloud.

When I tried to answer, my two hot cousins jumped on either side of me on the sofa and began whispering in my ear, tonguing and kissing it like synchronized swimmers.

This had obviously been rehearsed. How long had they been planning this?

But my motto's always been: why fight a good thing?

"You two girls really want to get knocked up with my babies?"

They both nodded.


"We've been talking about this for a long time..." Brittney ran her hands through my short brown hair as her sister lifted my shirt up off over my head.

"So, what? Did you two girls take fertility pills or something?" I shivered as the cool air rushed across my chest.

"No, silly!" Brittney whispered hotly in my ear. "Didn't you know that when two girls live together their cycles sync up?"

I nodded. That made sense, actually.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by two very beautiful - and very naked - girls. My dream girls, if I was honest with myself. I couldn't count the number of nights I had beat off to the thought of one or both of them.

Doing exactly what they were now doing.

"So," Melody said, bouncing up and down, showing off her ample breasts. "Who has the best breasts, cuz?"

I smiled. "It looks like I'm going to have to investigate closely before offering my expert opinion on the matter."

The two girls giggled and presented their breasts to me like some pageant contestants. I started with Brittany's smaller, perkier and firmer flesh bags.


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