Breeding My Father’s Dog

BESTIALITY Erotica Bestiality Zoophilia Dog Sex Knotting Domination Cock Sucking Breeding

by Amber FoxxFire

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I was late coming home from a party and surely thought daddy was going to be angry. But it wasn’t him who was waiting patiently for me in my bedroom. It was Duke, our chocolate lab.


As soon as the covers were thrown across my body, I fell asleep. A couple hours later, I awoke to something cold and wet pressing against my clit. At first I didn't realize what it was and tried to push it away, but it was insistent.

My eyes sprung open when I felt a warm, wet tongue gently scrape against my sensitive, horny clit.

"Duke?" I rasped, my voice still half asleep. I heard a corresponding thump on the bed as our large black Lab wagged his tail in greeting.

"What?" I sat up and shook my groggy head as I realized that my father's dog was licking me out. I tensed as I was worried that dad would catch us, but the door was pretty much closed and the whole house was asleep.


"Here, boy!" I quickly threw the covers over his head and laid back. The feel of his tongue against my cunt was sublime. Never had I felt anything so good before. Soon I was undulating my hips and mashing my soaking pussy into his face as I threw a pillow over my mouth to stifle the moans escaping my lips.


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