Breeding My Bratty Sister

by Amber FoxxFire

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My 18-year-old sister was a brat. A God-damn brat. Daddy this, daddy, that. All the fucking time. It got annoying.

However, one night when dad was gone, I peeked in her bedroom and ended up getting a lot more than I bargained for. Her crooked finger, devious smile and wide-open legs were all the invitation I needed.


"Daddy, can I? Please?" She whined.

All this incessant whining and begging got on my nerves. But no, she was daddy's girl. To me, her 20-year-old brother, Anna was nothing but a slutty ass 18-year-old brat.

Spoiled completely by "daddy."

Our parents didn't notice me much in the family. They all showered the blonde bimbo with everything she wanted. Where was my money? Where was my fancy car? Or expensive iPhone?

"Fine, fine. Here, princess!" Daddy took out his wallet and stuffed her hand with a few twenties. The fucking slut actually reached in and grabbed a fist-full more. Bitch.

"Thanks Daddy!" Anna sung, skipping upstairs with her short ass skirt. Slut.

Dad looked over to me and saw the mean look on my face.

"What's wrong, son? Something bothering you?"

Wow, was that concern? That was a new one.

"No, I'm good dad." I lied and walked away briskly, stomping upstairs.


"Well, your mother and I will be at the store, Rob. Call if you need us. Here's five bucks. Don't spend it all in one place." I could see that it was all the God-damn money he had left. And that was only because it had fallen on the floor. My sister had been too God-damned spoiled to deign herself to pick it up.

Fuck, I didn't even remember the last time they gave me my allowance. I'm surprised they even remembered my name.

Upstairs, I walked slowly down the hallway, lazily looking at the doors. I glanced by Anna's room and saw that it was cracked open a bit. Flesh was exposed and glinted through the crack of the door, luring me closer.


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