Breeding My Aunt & Mom Part 2

by Amber FoxxFire

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Picking his stacked, flirty aunt up from the airport, Will got the surprise of a life-time. But that was just the beginning…

In part 2 of this series, Will’s aunt moves in and whenever his mother has her back turned, they’re fucking like rabbits. That went on for awhile until one Sunday morning when Will’s mother left for church. They began shagging in the living room. But mom wasn’t gone…


We were starting to get sloppy and were banging out in the living room when mom realized that she had forgotten something and came back in.

"I just need to –" mom never finished the sentence.

I had never been more mortified in my entire life than I was at that moment. The look on mom's face was absolutely priceless and something that I would never forget. She was so shocked that all of her church books fell from her hands onto the floor.

I don't know why, but I didn't pull out of Aunt Thelma's tight hot pussy.

Before mom could say anything, Thelma had the presence of mind to speak up.

"Aw sis! I knew you would soon catch us. Is this not a rather disturbing scene? Your only son pounding away inside of your sister's pregnant cunt." I watched the dramatic scene unfold and the expression on my aunt's face caused a chill to come over my body.


I wanted to pull out and face mom, but aunt Thelma had a different idea. Her super tight cunt wrapped snugly around my shaft and she threw her legs around my back, locking me into place inside of her.

Shaking her head, mom finally spoke. "Pregnant? I thought you and Dave –"

"Not Dave," she interrupted coldly.

"Well then who?" Mom said stupidly as she bent over to pick up her church books.
"Come on sis, you're not that dumb." Aunt Thelma scolded mom.

It was kind of tough to keep my cock hard with all the drama and the uncertainty of what was going to happen now that mom found out.

The shocked look on my mother's face was absolutely priceless.

"Oh my God!" She hissed, slapping her hand to her mouth, the church books falling again. "How COULD you?"

Aunt Thelma just smiled. "He's not a baby anymore, sis. He's 18, all grown up and as handsome as could be." She then proceeded to wrap her arms around me and kiss me hotly on the mouth.

"And he's a great lover with a HUGE cock! You should see it!"

I was looking at my mother and saw her blush for just an instant.

"I couldn't do that!" She said looking around as though she were actually thinking about it. To my surprise, I think she was.

Until that very moment - balls deep in my large-breasted aunt - I had never contemplated fucking my mother before. The thought had just never crossed my mind.

But the second it did, my cock grew thicker and harder. Holy fuck.

"Ooh, the way your son just got hard inside me, tells me that he likes that idea."

"What?" Mom looked at me with a mixture of disgust and arousal on her face.

"Don't be shy. You've seen him naked a thousand times..."



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