Breeding A Baby In Mommy

by Moms In Heat

After my divorce, I was forced to work the night shift at the local 24-hour gym. I knew my son worked out there, but I didn’t know that he worked his massive, throbbing cock out in the shower.

Imagine my surprise at seeing my son’s VERY muscular body completely naked as I tried to clean the showers. I couldn’t help but stare. My 19-year-old son’s body was deliciously exposed to my greedy gaze.


It was honestly the hardest time in my entire adult life. Here I was, 43 years old, set in my ways with a good life, a couple of smart, adult kids and seemingly had it all. But I didn't know that it was all about to come crashing down.

My husband - ex I had to remind myself - had been having an office fling right under my nose. It wasn't until he stiffed her for some money did I even find out. Boy, was I furious!

All these years invested into this relationship vanished in a heartbeat. The divorce, thankfully, was quick and painless. I was left the house, but not much else.

Unfortunately, he had been the breadwinner of the family and I really had no viable skills. To make ends meet, I had to get myself a part-time job. The only place that would hire an old maid like me was the local 24-hour gym.

My first night there and they had scheduled me for the graveyard shift. At least I'd be pretty much alone while I figured out what I was doing.


With my heart in my throat, I arrived and set to work. They'd left me list of what I needed to clean and where all the supplies were. If I needed help, I could ask the receptionist, but surely I could figure this out. Right?

It was just me and Jenna in the entire place. I felt like an impostor. The smell of stale sweat clung to the air and I held my nose and began wiping down all the benches and machines.

An hour later, I was ready to set about my next task: cleaning the locker rooms. Oh joy. The ladies locker was dead simple. There was exactly one chick there and she pretty much ignored me as I set about my work.

It was the men's room I was dreading. What if there were guys in there?

"Cleaning!" I called out as a lump formed in my throat. I expected to see several, hunky guys flexing their muscles and doing whatever guys did in locker rooms. Instead, it appeared to be empty.

Whew! I knew I'd have to face my first sometime, but at least it wouldn't be tonight. Pushing all the thoughts outside my head, I set about cleaning the room as quickly and efficiently as I could. As I neared the showers, though, I heard the water running.

My heart thudded. I needed to clean in there, too. Should I wait? Five minutes of worrying passed before I decided that there probably wasn't anyone in there at all. Maybe someone had just left the shower running.


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