Bred to Fuck Humans : Fantastic Beasts 18

by Betsi Ality

Book Cover: Bred to Fuck Humans : Fantastic Beasts 18
Part of the Fantastic Beasts Erotica series:

The Rhodesian Sex Hound.  You’ve probably never heard of it, but then neither had I until I go to pick up my new pooch and the mysterious owner offers me a treat.

At home I immediately try my new dog on for size and realize the guy was exactly right.  I’ve never been fucked like this before in my life.  It’s as though the dog knows exactly what he’s doing.  Read how he shoots his cum deep in my pussy after knotting inside me.


It wasn’t until I left the house that I realized what I’d just done.  I’d just gone and bought a dog from a complete stranger for the purposes of sexWas I losing my mind?

As soon as I took him through the door of my house I started to feel an awakening inside me.  Jasper was having a strange effect.  He’d been expertly fine-tuned across several hundred years to be the best at his job and it was working.  I had the hots for him!

I sat on the couch and patted the cushion beside me.  Jasper mounted the sofa and lay next to me with his head in my lap.

I petted him slowly, letting my mind wander and think the most sinful of thoughts.  As I did so I felt my pussy start to become wet with my juices and soon Jasper was alert and upright.

He caught the scent of my arousal and nudged his snout between my legs.

Jasper,” I giggled playfully, and it seemed to spur him on more.


He pushed against the crotch of my pants, nudging at my hot flesh as my pulse rose and I became flustered.

Jasper,” I mewled, and my words turned sultry in my mouth.  I couldn’t even believe what was happening, but I couldn’t deny my body.  It was primed and ready for him, and Jasper … well of course Jasper was ready.

I lay back on the couch and he lay on top of me, licking my face tenderly.  I could feel his big cock against my stomach as he lapped at my lips and I felt my nipples start to stiffen as his paws began to knead my tits.

Jasper seemed to be aware of every aspect of a woman intimately, but he also seemed to tap into my needs and desires.  It was as though he knew what I was thinking.

He stood up and walked across the couch, putting his front legs on the arm of the chair so that his midriff hung over me.  That’s when I saw it.

Hung underneath him was the biggest, most magnificent looking cock I’d ever seen.  It was far bigger than my ex-boyfriends and I found myself drooling for it almost instantly.

My mouth filled with saliva and before I could even process my thoughts I was bringing my face towards it.


About the Author

Betsi Ality writes some of the hottest dog loving erotica on the market and she does it all for her loving fans.  These dogs have been schooled in the art of fucking and are looking to 'tie-the-knot' with any female who's willing!  You won't be disappointed!

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