Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog

by Jez Bestiality

Randy was sick and tired of his large-breasted 18-year-old sister always ordering him around. Randy do this; Randy do that.

Perhaps a bit of table-turning was in order? Take a vial of mind-control liquid, add in some super filthy acts with a dog and round it all off with a few pics for…posterity and you have yourself a bit of blackmail material.

Oh, and that’s just part one.


"Hey! Get me some wine, bro. Now!" He heard Monica, his sizzling hot 18-year-old sister call out from the front room.

"Sure." Randy smiled, scratching his dog Bruno behind the ears.

He pushed away from the desk and grabbed a small vial from the drawer.

With a smile, he handed his gorgeous sister the wine she'd requested. Flopping down on the couch, he pretended to watch the stupid show she was interested in.

The mind-control drug shouldn't take that long to work on her. Anticipation built like a summer storm as he imagined what he wanted her to do.

"Sis, go make me a ham sandwich." Randy commanded in his most dominant voice.

Would she do it or laugh it off? She'd always gave the orders, and he'd obeyed because if he didn't, he'd catch hell from mom.

Monica looked up and stared at him with her sexy brown eyes. He was on the edge of his seat, wondering if she'd tell him to shove it up his ass or do as he commanded. Randy waited.


He was shocked when she abruptly rose to her feet and padded to the kitchen. Just a few minutes later, Monica came back with a sandwich, made just he way he liked it.

It worked! She was under his complete control!

He licked his dry lips as his heart pounded against his chest with growing excitement.
"Strip for me." Randy demanded, leaned back and began eating his sandwich.

His sister would never do this. She'd smack him in the chops and go tell mom.

" want me to do that?" She giggled as she swayed her hips.

Very slowly she took off her halter top, teasing him with just a glimpse of her ample cleavage.

Fire built in his loins and his cock tugged in his pants.


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