Bred In Daddy’s Woodshop : Daddy’s Creampies 13

by Tori Westwood

I’m so broody I can’t think straight and to prove my case I’ve finally chosen the guy who I hope can plant his seed inside me and give me the baby I deserve: my own Daddy!

I decide to go out to his woodshop one afternoon with plans on seducing him.  I just had no idea it’d turn out so well!  Read how Daddy pumps his hot seed inside my pussy.


I moved around him now and felt his strong ass, wrapping my tongue around his and moaning on him as my hand arrived at his crotch.  In an instant I felt out the thick, long cock that sat hard and ready beneath his jeans.  Things were about to get a whole lot naughtier.

“Is that what you want?” Daddy asked softly, holding my face and kissing my lips.

“Take it out for me,” I whispered.  “Show me it.”

Daddy stood up quickly as though he was eager to pull it out.  He ripped his shirt off his back and I watched his muscles contort as he pulled it off his arms.  All of his muscles seemed to lead towards his crotch and he had this terrific arrow shape to his waist that drew my eyes to the swelling in his jeans.


As he started to unbuckle his belt I moved a hand to my crotch, pushing my fingers against my yoga-pants and feeling the hot crease below.  I closed my eyes and shuddered, opening them just in time to watch Daddy big hand delve into his boxer-shorts.

He pulled his cock over the waist of his pants proudly and held it there.  Daddy had every reason to be arrogant.  I marveled at his thick, strong length and imagined it doing all kinds of naughty things to me.  My tongue ran over my lips and Daddy began to slide his hand back and forth over his shaft.

“You’ve kept that well hidden,” I said, shocked by its size.

“I was waiting for the right girl,” he said, taking a big breath and letting his jeans fall to his ankles.

I crawled to the edge of the bed and knelt forward on all fours, reaching out towards him with a hand.

Daddy staggered closer, stepping out of his jeans until his cock was bouncing close to my face.  I brought a hand up towards it and took it from him, looking up into his eyes as I did so.

“All mine now,” I said, and Daddy started to smile.  I made sure I stayed locked on his eyes as I opened my mouth and moved the swollen head towards my lips.

He watched as it disappeared inside me, throwing his head back and moaning long and loud in the empty woodshop.  I pushed him as far inside as he could go and when he looked back down I was toying with the idea of pushing him right into my throat.

Daddy’s hands ran down my head and over my back, pushing his dick inside me and feeling the resistance of my throat.  I coughed a gag and pulled back quickly, coming off his cock and staring at the thick, stringing spit that adorned it now.

“Good girl,” he said softly, moving the hair across my face so he could get a good look at his cock-starved daughter.


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