Bred By My Father 2

by Alana Steele

Book Cover: Bred By My Father 2

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I was right. Since I’d been a really bad girl, Sir’s punishment just wasn’t enough. Now master (daddy) was going to have to discipline me by making sure I was bred like a proper slave should be.

It was my last chance…


My mom was still so beautiful, I thought as I helped her wash her back. I was lucky to take after her, with my blonde hair and ashen eyes, but more so with how firm and luscious my young body was. Round ass, plump breasts, always perky and my cute rosy nipples looked like wild berries, ready to be nibbled.

Mom was still a looker, like I said, which meant that if my Daddy Master made the decision to marry me off to another Master, he wouldn’t grow tired of me. Daddies loved you unconditionally. Masters, well, only if you proved yourself to be a good slave. Which I wasn’t. Master’s punishment was definitely going to outdo my Sir brother’s.

Sensing my ruined mood, or perhaps curious to see why I stopped scrubbing her with the soapy sponge, mom turned to look at me.

“I know you don’t mean it, honey,” she whispered. “But don’t pout. You know Master doesn’t like to see sour faces. Cheer up, look happy to see Him. You are happy to see Him, right?”


“Why do I have to be so lusty, mom? I wish I could obey as well as you do.”

She caressed my face. “You know what helped me become a better slave?”

I shook my head.


Another thing to be upset about. I sighed. “I know he’s going to breed you again. He said he missed your pussy. Congratulations,” I added, though I was not feeling any bit of happiness. I was jealous, madly so. I wanted to serve my womanly purpose too. I detached the shower head and turned mom around, deciding that shower time had come to an end. We needed to get dressed and assume our positions anyway, in case traffic was light and He came home early.

I dried myself with a white towel, careful with my aching breasts. I was still turned on, the orgasm Sir gave me hadn’t been nearly enough to sate me.


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