Bred By Daddy 10-Pack Vol 2

by Amber FoxxFire

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These 10 sizzling stories tell the tale of precocious, innocent daughters getting their holes filled with their daddies dominant cocks. Every one of these hand-crafted, hand-picked stories feature all manner of filthy, perverted acts. Acts that would make nearly anyone blush.

There’s something in this pack for everyone!

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Stories Included:

* Daddy Took My Virginity While I Slept
* Mind Controlled by Daddy
* Daddy! Don't Cum in my Cervix
* Seducing Daddy
* Daddy Took Me Like a Real Man Should
* My Belly Grew At Daddy's Command
* DG 3: Pounding My Grounded Daughter's Swollen Cunt
* Grounded! On Daddy's Cock!
* Jerking Off On My Daughter's Face
* Fucking Daddy

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