Bred By Daddy 10-Pack Vol 13

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Bred By Daddy 10-Pack Vol 13

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These 10 sizzling stories tell the tale of precocious, innocent daughters getting their holes filled with their daddies dominant cocks. Every one of these hand-crafted, hand-picked stories feature all manner of filthy, perverted acts. Acts that would make nearly anyone blush.

There’s something in this pack for everyone!

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Stories Included:

- Knocking A Baby In My Twin Daughters' Virgin Wombs
- Mind Controlled My Bimbo Daughters
- Panty Sniffing 1: Honey, Your Daughter Is Ovulating
- Plowing A Baby In My Inexperienced, Virgin Daughter
- Knocking A Baby In My Daughter
- Panty Sniffing 3: Sniffed & Came In My Daughter's Panties - Then She Put Them On!
- My Daughter - The Call Girl
- Daddy Fucked Me Behind Mom's Back 2: In The Backseat While Mom Drove
- Daddy Fucked Me Behind Mom's Back 3: In Her Bed While She Slept
- Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter


I owned a small farm on the outskirts of town. It was a modest little business but it kept me busy. Although farming was a tough gig, the mortgage had been fully paid on the property thanks to my twenty-plus years working as a high flying banker in the city.

The world of finance was a lucrative one but I’d never go back. I liked the rural life too much. It suited me. I was like my father at heart; a practical man who enjoyed the outdoors best, and liked using his hands rather than slaving over numbers and spreadsheets.

As well as being retired from the rat race - which was no mean feat for a guy at forty-five - I had a young daughter, Cassie. Cassie was the best thing I ever did, and the only sweetness to come out of a dark and loveless marriage.


I divorced her mom five years ago, just before I bought the farm. At first we had shared custody of our daughter, but now that she was 18, Cassie could come and go as she pleased. And to my pleasure she liked staying with me most of the time.

She used to be my little girl, but she was little no more. Now she was a curvy, fully developed young woman - with dark raven hair, plump red lips, and just about the biggest breasts I ever saw on a girl. She was a healthy young thing that I’d dare any man not to find cock-achingly tempting. It was a daily torment having her around now that she had come of age, but I loved her. As long as I kept my forbidden urges bottled up then we got on just fine and dandy.


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