Bred By My Biker Daddy

Fertile Daughters 6

by Tori Westwood

Daddy's the cool biker that all the women lust after, but tonight he's all mine.  He picks me up after work and we drive out to watch the sunset, but sat there beside him when he's in his leathers I start to get that familiar feeling of desire.  I don't just want Daddy, I want his seed too and I'm going to get it.  Read how he takes me across his bike and finished deep in my core.


My attention turned quickly to his opening fly and all other thoughts left my mind.   My eyes were fixated on the widening gap, waiting to finally catch sight of Daddy's dick.

"I can get that for you," I said as he reached in.  I didn't want Daddy to take away the surprise of opening my present.

He stopped in his tracks, looking down at me and flashing another award-winning smile.

"It's all yours," he said moving his hands away.

I went for it slowly at first, not wanting to appear as excited for it as I was.  My nail clinked up the zipper and I pulled it down gradually, seeing his tight, white Calvins hug his waist below.

I took another look up at him and saw the seriousness with which he watched now, patiently waiting for me to pull out his cock and put it in my mouth.


I could feel the nerves building in my body as I approached the point of no return, and soon I would know once and for all what I had been wondering most : what did Daddy's cock look like?

I steeled my nerves and reached inside, quickly finding his hard, long flesh and pulling it over the waist of his underwear.

I gasped when I saw it, such was its size.  I thought Daddy might be packing something big down there, but nothing quite prepared me for what I saw.  When I gripped it in my fist my fingers didn't even reach my thumb.  I was excited to say the least.

"I don't think it'll even fit in my mouth," I said, moving it left and right with my hand and looking all about it.

"It'll fit somewhere," Daddy said coolly, raising an eyebrow.

Well I was sure of that, but I still wanted to give it a try regardless.

I shifted on my knees as I sized it up, moving my left arm beneath my breasts to hold them together and give Daddy something else to look at.

My mouth stretched open wide as I approached his cock, and to my surprise I was able to slide it inside me fairly easily.

I felt it ribbing past my lips and soon some of it was in my mouth, but it was going no further.  Instead I decided to go to work on the bulbous crown of Daddy's cock, which I'd heard was the most sensitive part anyway.

My hand beat along his cock quickly whilst I kept the tip in my mouth, kissing and mouthing over it and hearing Daddy moan in response.  Clearly I was doing something right.

Every so often I'd pull off him and lick my way down that long, strong cock, moving my mouth to his balls and sucking on them lovingly.

I mean I really went to work on his dick, trying to coat it in as much of my saliva as I could, so that when he finally decided to pierce me open it would slide in a little easier.

"Ready for me?" Daddy said after a short while longer.

"I'm wet for you," I said, gasping off his pole.


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