Bred by the Alpha 4-Pack Vol 2

by Amber FoxxFire

These 4 wicked-hot bestial animal stories all have one thing in common:

Large, dominant, over-muscled beasts who have a mind of their own.

The women they dominate, on the other hand…

Stories Included:

* Unicorn in my Uterus
* Taken by the Neighbor's Stallion
* Broken by the Bull
* Banged by Bigfoot


* Unicorn in my Uterus

Racing through the forest to escape her father who wants her to be used as bait to lure a unicorn to its death, April stumbles into one struggling against a couple of werewolves. Throwing caution to the wind, she distracts the werewolves long enough to allow the powerful unicorn to heal itself.

With the werewolves out of the way, the unicorn turns its attention to April. He studs her and impregnates her with his foal.

This is a very hot story about a magical unicorn shoving his horn up a virgin’s pussy and then dominating her with his massive horse-sized cock all while impregnating her with his copious seed. Read on to find out how an 18-year-old virgin can take something so large deep inside her.

* Taken by the Neighbor's Stallion

Beverly was sick and tired of the next-door-neighbor’s stallion hopping the fence into her yard every morning. This time, she’d had enough.


Running and yelling at the large stallion, she tried to chase it away, but something unexpected happened:

The stallion turned on her…

* Broken by the Bull

18-year-old Daisy was watching the farm for her parents when she heard their prized bull, Zeus snort oddly.

She was alarmed to see someone inside the pen, taunting him. But things quickly took a turn for the worse and she knew she was going to have to distract the large, powerful animal if the trespasser had any hope of escaping.

But doing so meant that Zeus’s attention would be turned onto her.

* Banged by Bigfoot

Making out with her boyfriend in the middle of the forest, Betty Jo came face to face with the monster from her nightmares:

A real, live, Bigfoot.

Rooted to the spot, she watches helplessly as her boyfriend jumps in the car and takes off, leaving her all alone with the 9-foot tall behemoth.

What will Betty Jo do now that she’s completely alone with this “mythical” monster?


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