Breaking In My Sleeping Daughter

Father Daughter Incest Sleep Sex Creampie Virgin Breeding Taboo Daddy Erotica

by Nocturas Dreamwhisper

Ever since Kinny turned 18, she has the dirtiest dreams when she drifts off to sleep. She can’t seem to keep her fingers still either. As she sleeps, she almost always dreams of her sexy father, so big and strong, who better to take her virginity?

Her father also spends many nights dreaming of pounding his nubile daughter to ecstasy.  She drives him crazy, running around the house in tight little tank tops, and short shorts, showing off her luscious body. One night he hears a moan from her room, as she pleasures herself in yet another dream.

How much can one man take? Seeing her almost naked and writhing on the bed. Not much it would seem. That little devil on his shoulder found it easy to convince him she’d never wake up, no matter what was done to her… she was a very sound sleeper after all.

An irreversible decision made, he takes advantage of his innocent daughter while she lies helpless. Little did he know it’s what she’s been dreaming of. She really wouldn’t mind if her father satisfied his lust with her unconscious body.  After all, isn’t it best to be broken in by Daddy?


I inhaled deeply, the scent of her arousal was starting to permeate the room. That delicious musky smell of sex was coming from her panties. I could hear the soft squishing noise as her fingers pressed deeper into those little cotton undies.

I made my decision. I was probably going to hell, but honestly didn’t care. I felt a need more powerful than I could deny, so I leaned over and took her hard nipple into my mouth. I ran my tongue around it, then sucked it nice and hard. Her moans grew louder as I flicked it back and forth and give it a little bite, tugging on it gently.


Her back ached just a little and then she went limp. Her hand stopped moving in her panties, but she didn’t pull it out. The room smelled like Teen Spirit, as the song goes… I was in a daze, drunk on lust. I had to fuck my sweet little daughter. I knew she’d never had a boyfriend, so she had to be a virgin, and wasn’t on birth control. Guess I’ll just have to pull out… maybe spray my load all over that sexy tummy, I thought as I moved into position. Hmm… First a little snack.

I crawled between her spread legs until my face was inches from her soaked panties. I mean, they were fucking WET. Now I’m the kinda guy that loves the smell of a woman’s pussy, and her’s was fresh and clean, but musky like a woman’s should be. I gently took her hand and pulled it out from under the thin cotton. Her fingers were glistening with juices, so I gave them a little lick as they hung there limply.

It was the sweetest nectar I’d ever tasted. Creamy and almost sweet. I pressed my thumb down against her panties where her clitty would be and rubbed softly. Sure enough, I felt the little bump move back and forth. After a few seconds my sweet baby let out a long sigh, and her breasts rose and fell faster. Those full hips started moving in little circles as she tried to hump my hand.


About the Author

Greetings, mortal. I am Nocturas. Do I seem familiar? I should. You see, I am a Demon. But not just any demon, oh, no, I watch over the dreams and nightmares of you mortals. Don’t let TV shows fool you, we demons watch over many aspects of human life.
When you drift off to sleep at night… or take a cat-nap on the train, I am there, waiting for you. You’re in my world, and you only get to leave when I allow it. You become my plaything, and I do love to play. Eternity gets very boring for a lusty demoness, so I have my fun with mortals in their dreams.

Thankfully, I’m not bound to the netherworld, nor to your dreams. I walk among you, being seen in my true form when I wish it, or remaining hidden with illusions. My favorite way to pass time is to tempt one person into taking advantage of someone I have locked into a dream. Be it a mother and son, daughter and father, or a complete strangers. It’s so satisfying to see the fun they have… well, one of them at least. And afterwards? Oh… the explanations are priceless.

You’re a kinky one. Don’t try and deny it, remember I’ve seen what you dream about. You want me to tell you a story about someone taking advantage of a helpless dreamer? Kissing, caressing, and violating someone while they are asleep?  Well, if you insist...

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