Breaking Becca

by Alana Steele

Book Cover: Breaking Becca

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- A daddy/daughter BDSM Breeding Story

Becca knew she’d fucked up. My sexy, 18-year-old daughter had brought a guy over and I had to rescue her. I had always punished her harshly. But now she needed a different punishment.


“Aaron, stop,” I mewled from under my boyfriend’s heavy weight.

My cries of protest were drowned by the raging storm outside, but I couldn’t speak any louder. I needed to keep my voice down, my brother was upstairs, sleeping and Daddy would punish me if I woke him up as he worked the night shift.

He was so strict with his punishments, lately. I guessed it was because I was looking more and more like my mom, with my blonde hair, blue eyes, round face and hourglass figure, but surely he wouldn’t be spanking me so often for just that reason alone.

Yet now I had bigger problems on my hands than a red bum and some yelling.

Me and Aaron were supposed to be watching a movie together. Truly, just a movie, that was all I wanted him to come over for. And well, to keep me company because I hated storms. Mom died on a stormy night, in an ugly car accident. I didn’t want to be alone.


But after an hour, Aaron turned from the sweet, gentle boyfriend I liked, to this, this - ow! I smacked his chest.

“You beast!” He cried out.

He lifted his head from my body and grinned at me. He was such a pig.

“You need some roughness, baby girl,” he said and tried to bite me.

“No, I do not,” I spoke firmer and kneed him in the belly. "Let's just watch the movie, okay?"


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