Bound & Satisfied : Suckled Daughters 14

by Millie King

Book Cover: Bound & Satisfied : Suckled Daughters 14
Part of the Suckled Daughters series:

I discover my boyfriend Derren is the asshole my Daddy suspected him to be after he ties me to my parent’s bed and leaves me there when he hears my Daddy return home unexpectedly.

Daddy finds me, noticing that Derren had already managed to coax a drop of milk from my breasts.  With me bound Daddy continues from where Derren had left off, showing me how a real man treats a lady by giving me his climax deep and hard as he drains me of my milk.


“Did he milk you too?”


What was this whole ‘milking’ thing?  Was it more common than I thought?  Could every woman do it?

“Good,” Daddy said.

His hand moved up higher, racing to the top of my leg.  My whole body turned tense, and the ropes pulled tight as they held me.

Daddy missed my pussy and instead move up to my torso.  His fingers touched softly all over me.  I got goose-pimples from how delicate he was being.  I didn’t know he was capable of being gentle like that, given his ordinarily heavy-handed nature.

“He should treat you like a princess,” Daddy said, stroking underneath my breasts.  “Not like this.”

I swallowed.  “How would you treat me?”

“However you wanted me to.”

Daddy’s finger was on my breast now moving just as softly as before.  He circled my nipple and it sprang back to life, pushing out from my breast and vying for even more attention.


“Suck on me, Daddy,” I whispered finally.  I couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

Daddy moved quietly towards me.  He stalled above my breast and then clamped it over the nipple just like Derren had done.  I found my entire body spark to life as Daddy suckled on me for the first time.  This was way different to having your boyfriend do it, I can tell you.

Daddy sucked a big mouthful of my tits and they responded with a huge jet of milk that startled me as it burst through the tight aperture.

“Oh, Daddy!” I cooed, looking down in disbelief.

His eyes stayed closed and he started to gulp, sucking more and more nectar from my chest.  I didn’t even know that I was capable of that, much less that I had so much to give.

“That feels so good, Daddy,” I purred.

I pushed my head back into the plush pillow of his bed and yanked at my bindings.  Daddy switched breasts and I looked at the one he’d vacated.  Milk flowed steadily out from the nipple like I’d sprung a leak.  The creamy-white liquid made meandering channels as it flowed over the curves of my breast and down my body.

My other breast was quick to release its nectar too.  It only took the slightest of licks and sucks from Daddy before it too was dispensing warm milk straight into his mouth.

He feasted on me and I felt a bond like no other.  I wanted desperately to cradle his head to my bosom but with my limbs bound my options were limited.

Finally Daddy broke from my tits completely.  He wiped at his mouth and then looked down over me.

“All grown up,” he hushed.

“All grown up and with nowhere to go.”

Daddy gripped at his crotch.  I looked at the thick slab of meat that sat beneath.  He looked much bigger than Derren.

“Is that for me?” I asked.

“If you’re hungry.”

“I’m very, very hungry.”

“I wouldn’t be much of a father if I didn’t feed you,” he said, opening his fly.


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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