Bound By Desire : Night Woman : Superhero Erotica Book 4

by Joy Marvelle

Night Woman battles the criminal underworld of her city with expert combat and detective skills, backed by her billionaire fortune, but even superheroes have to unwind.

Night Woman’s tonic is to play sub to her butler Albert in a role reversal that sees Albert go too far, sliding himself into a tightness where he doesn’t belong.  But when a mystery superheroine ventures into their underground cave during a BDSM session, Night Woman is left with a host of questions, the first of which is: Would you like to join us?


He picked up the vibrator from the side and moved back behind his boss.  He stared into her delicious, rosy cheeks and saw the glistening groove beyond.

He turned the vibrator on again and teased it up from Night Woman’s knees, rising it along her thighs before turning it inwards.

It cruised around the contours of her leather one-piece and then struck exposed flesh.  Night Woman whimpered as the vibrations drew nearer to her aching groove.

“There!” she strained, closing her eyes.

Albert planted the shivering device right onto Janet’s pussy.  The vibrations rippled through her loose skin and jostled against her stiffened clit.  She felt her pussy tighten immediately.

“Fuck!  Oh, fuck!”

The orgasm rushed upon her like a thief.  It seemed to come from nowhere and even took Albert by surprise.

“My, oh, my,” he said, looking to Janet’s flexing ass and contracting pussy.


He pulled back the vibrator and let the orgasm play out unaccompanied.  From here he could see her ass twitch as her pussy pulsed.  Her tits fell either side of the thin, leather-bound table where she lay.

Albert moved to them and pinched, gently at first.  The nipples stiffened up and Janet breathed hard as the climax tailed off.

Albert returned to his tool-station.  He shut the vibrator off and selected two nipple clamps from his collection.  Their serrated teeth looked menacing, like a tiny bear-trap.

Albert applied oil to his gloves and then slid them all over Night Woman’s breasts.  He stood over her, squeezing both of her tits and pinching down towards the nipples until they were plump with arousal.

Night Woman lay weary from her climax, but the clamp of the teeth on her tits was enough to reawaken her.

“Ughhh!” she groaned as she felt them snap over her nipples.

“There you go,” Albert said.

His cock still hung out from his pants, stiff and yearning for me.  The inviting pussy of his younger subject was just too much to refuse, but Albert had designs on something naughtier.

He left the nipple clamps in place and pulled at Janet’s hips, moving her whole body down the bench until her ass was hanging off the end.  Her arms were stretched forwards, held in place by the handcuffs.

“That’s it,” Albert said, and he rubbed the remaining oil from his gloves over Night Woman’s red, raw ass.

He thumbed at her pussy and then crouched to the floor, looking at her in great detail.  His view was unobstructed, and he was in no rush.  He teased his fingers over the petals, watching them move.  The glistening cum slid slowly out from Night Woman’s core, running down the channels of her folds.

“Beautiful,” he hushed to himself.  Night Woman hadn’t heard it.  She was too buys enjoying the rare bout of sensual pleasure.

Albert licked his lips and then went for it.  He buried his face right between his mistress’s ass and felt the embrace of her soft flesh.  Janet let out a deep moan and pushed her ass back to meet him.


About the Author

Imagine a window into the sex-lives of superheroes and all the devilish combinations that those naughty stories would feature. Imagine no more! Joy Marvelle brings you a sinful insight into the debauchery of supes, in tales that'll leave you breathless and satisfied!

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