Booty And The Beast (Paranormal Shifter Erotica Anal Sex Erotica)

by Margot Devine

Bella Goodhead has always been a kind soul. When hearing about the curse leveled upon former Viscount, Geraldo the Third, she’s determined to come to his aid. But for years Geraldo has been known simply as ‘The Beast’ and the only time women get close to him is before he beds them.
Many of the local ladies have stories to tell of their time in his derelict palace, but none of them have yet lifted the curse. However, Bella knows something they don’t. An ancient text reveals that the key lies in offering The Beast a different kind of sex, but one the villagers are far too prudish and inexperienced to consider.
Listen as Bella sets out on a sinful adventure to cure The Beast and sate her own desires to be taken rough and wrong in the ass for the first time!

*Total Running Time = 40 Minutes*

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