Blown My Backdoor In : Anal Incest 3

by Kimmy Welsh

The wind is absolutely howling against the side of the house Daddy rented for our vacation.  It’s so bad I can’t even sleep and it’s kind of scary.  I go down the hall to his room and hop into his bed, snuggling close and hoping that the storm will pass.  Soon I’m not interested in sleeping.  The big thing against my ass is just too distracting.  Read as I put Daddy where he shouldn’t be!


I must have stayed there about twenty minutes with my head against him.  Gradually my hand became more adventurous.  I started to move it down him.  It wandered over his stomach and soon came to the waist of his tight boxer-shorts.

FuckI’m only inches away from his … inches.

I listened to his breathing change as I moved closer.  He sounded excited.  I could hear his heart beat faster in his chest too.  Listening to that started to turn me on.  I don’t know what it was about that night, but I felt like doing something crazy.  Turns out I found Daddy in the exact same kind of mood that I was.

“Aren’t you sleeping yet?” he whispered.

I looked to his face.  Now that I’d adjusted to the light everything was a little clearer.

“I can’t,” I told him.  “It’s too loud.”

“Try,” he said.  “Unless you wanna stay up?”

“Stay up and do what?”


I felt him shrug.  “Whatever.”

I hummed in thought.  My finger teased at the waist of his boxer-shorts.  I could feel the tension in his body now.  It was as though he was holding back.

“There’s a few things we could do to pass the time,” I said.

“Such as sleeping?”

I laughed.  “No, silly.  Other things.  Maybe we could try and be louder than the storm.”

I could tell by the sudden flinch that Daddy had took my meaning in the exact way I’d wanted him to.

“I don’t know about that,” he said.  “I’m not sure I can scream that loud.”

“I can,” I said.  “Given the right circumstances.”

I heard him swallow.  A naughty grin etched across my face.  I tickled under the waist of his boxer-shorts.

“What circumstances are they?” he asked nervously.

“Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever screamed louder than this storm, even when I’m coming.”

“Is that right …?”


I stroked again along the waist of his boxer-shorts.  Daddy pulled me a little closer to himself.

“I think I might know a way to get you to scream.”

I bit my lip.  My plan was working.  “How?”

“Roll over,” he said.



I rolled away from Daddy and he came close behind me, playing big-spoon.  His body snuggled up close and I felt the thickness of his hard cock against me.  I thought my naughty words had done the trick, but here was proof.

“What were you thinking?” I asked, pushing my ass back on him.

He put his mouth close to my ear so that I could hear his breath.  I felt my whole body tingle at being so close to him.  It already felt so wrong and naughty,, and we’d barely even done anything yet.

“I was thinking,” he hushed, “of fucking you in the ass.”

My eyes bulged and I stared forward at the dark wall.  I wasn’t expecting that.

“My ass?” I whispered back.

“I think that’d make you scream louder than the storm.”

Holy shit.  Just like how I’d never imagined Daddy’s cock until I saw it, I’d never really imagined being fucked in the ass until Daddy said it.  After I overcame the initial shock, I thought about the logistics.  Daddy was big and, well, my asshole wasn’t!

“I think you might be right,” I told him.


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