Blackmailing Brother

Blackmail Brother Sister Incest Erotica Taboo Breeding Erotica Bred Creampie Sex Bareback

by Amber FoxxFire

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Blackmail was such a dirty word. But as soon as I saw that dent in daddy’s car, my pussy throbbed. My brother was going to pay with his cock and hose me down with cum to keep this little secret from daddy. There was no way my hot ass brother was going to get away from this. At least not without knocking me up first.

Then we’ll have two secrets to keep from daddy.


I was up late studying for a math test tomorrow. One would think a responsible 18-year-old girl like me wouldn’t wait to study so late. But was what it was like to be an adult. You were given free pass to do things late at night and not be haunted by a strict bedtime.
As I was studying and mulling over numbers and equations, I heard the sound of a car coming up to our garage.
Dad was already home, and so was Steve. Or so I thought. I looked outside and saw the lights quickly flicker off. The car moved at a slug’s pace as it crept into the garage and parked. I didn’t have cat’s eye vision, but from the shape of the hairdo and dark color of hair, I knew right away that the person driving was my older brother Steve.
That, and the fact there was a lofty dent on the side of the car that wasn’t there earlier today. Ooh he was gonna have a tough time explaining that one to daddy. A smile escaped onto my mouth. He was gonna have to pay dearly for this.


If he didn’t want daddy to know who dented his favorite car.
My pussy gushed at all the taboo ideas I had in store for him. Thoughts of his hands up and down my body made my spine shiver with a delightful tingle.


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