Blackmailed My Stranded Mother

by Amber FoxxFire

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Goddamn it mom! I fucking told you not to take the car out today! It’s not ready! What’s that? You’re stranded? And you want me to rescue you?

Fuck that! If I’m going to rescue your dumb ass, I’m going to demand some form of payment. And, no, not money. Hmm…you’re looking mighty fine there, mom. Maybe there IS a way you can pay me back.

Yeah, I know just the thing…


Getting calls from your mother about car troubles is never fun.

Then you throw in the fact she took it out against your warnings and now needs a ride because she's in the middle of nowhere just makes it worse.

I had told her to her face that the car wasn't ready, that I would put the new part in later in the afternoon, and that she would be able to drive it afterwords.

Instead, she thought that since it was technically one in the afternoon it was good to go and wanted to go see her friend.

Unable to say no, I grabbed my truck keys and went to fetch her. Despite my anger, I wasn't going to abandon her.

Of course, I didn't have to rescue her for free. No, she made a big mistake just assuming I'd always bail her out, that I would just roll over.

It took me half an hour to find her, stuck out on an old dirt road in the middle of the country, there was no one around for miles, just a bunch of trees.


She had gotten herself stuck on an old dirt path in the forest, and I was quite surprised how far she managed to make it with the car in as bad a shape as it was.

She smiled at me, waving as I came up. Clearly, she was ready to go home.

I, however, wasn't. Sliding out of the car, I checked to see how bad the damage was.

She had blown a part. Fixing it would now cost more and take longer. Perfect.

I was pretty miffed at this point and looking at her, I took the cap off my head and strangled it a little bit.

"All right hun, let's go. The car won't start so we can go back in your truck." She said.

"Uh, no." I replied, placing a strong hand on her shoulder.

"What are you doing, hun?" She asked confused.

"You broke the car. You wasted my time, made the repair more expensive and - to top it all off - you treat me like a fucking slave." I said to her, a bit angry, but holding my temper.

"Now I love you, but there IS a price for my help, and I'm here to collect." I said.


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