Black Guy Fucks Mom In Front Of Me! Cuckold Incest 1

by Penelope Liksit

Mom and I were in an illegal incestuous marriage, but much as we loved each other our sex life was just not all it could be. So mom decides to spice things a hotel room, with me tied to a chair, and then a black guy enters...
An incest cuckold tale from the cucks point of view, with oral, vaginal, anal, diry talk, small penis humilaition and sloppy seconds cleanup.


And so it was that here we were, in a hotel room, with me strapped to a chair, as mom paraded about the room in just her black bra and panties, exhibiting that voluptuous porn star body. I was so lucky to have her for a wife and a mom.
She had finally told me to my face that things were not satisfactory in the bedroom, that it was time to do something to spice things up as she was becoming sexually frustrated. I was not going to argue with mom. She said she would see what I had in store when the time came.
There was a knock on the bedroom door. What the hell? Were we expecting company? Fuck, nobody could see me like this.
Mom smiled at me and strode across to the door. When she opened it there was a black guy who must have been at least six foot tall standing in the doorway, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that clung to a powerful frame. This was clearly a man who worked out.
Mom stood to one side and ushered him into the room.


The black man barely acknowledged my presence, as if he were non too perturbed by the sight of a man tied to chair in the room.


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