Birthing Puppies 5-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

18-year-old Christina had always been scared of exploring her sexuality. But one day, while taking a walk through the park, she couldn’t help but be drawn to a huge German Shepherd. Its blazingly bright eyes seemed to pierce straight through her, igniting an ache deep within. She felt like if she didn't touch him soon, he might disappear into thin air... so she did just that.


Stories Included:

- Birthing Puppies 1: Midnight Tryst With The Neighbor's Dog
- Birthing Puppies 2: Mom Caught My Sister & I Breeding Her Dog
- Birthing Puppies 3: Mom Births Pups For Christmas
- Birthing Puppies 4: Knocked Up In The Backseat While Daddy Drove (Part 1)
- Birthing Puppies 5: Fucked By The Beast In The Park

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