Bimbofied Mom & Sis Part 1

by Amber FoxxFire

The Bimbo 9000.

With this device I could control any female in the device’s radius. Change their breast size? Easy. Lower their will? Yup. Make them dumb as dirt? Hell yeah!

But could it make mom and sis fuck me and take my seed in their fertile bellies?

Now THAT was something I was eager to find out!


"Yeah, this will be a great gag gift if it works." James inspected the Bimbo 9000, wondering if it would. After all, it came from a yard sale.

He fiddled with the controls and keypads seeing if he could figure it out. Surprisingly, it lit up and he saw the commands he could type in.

Mom, fetch me a pop. He typed on the keys just for a lark.

Minutes slipped by and when she didn't enter his room, he almost threw it on the bed and forgot it. He didn't though. Inspecting it further, he noticed something.

There was something called a will control. That's when he knew he'd hit the jackpot. Turning it down a couple of notches, he retyped the command.

Mom, fetch me a pop and bring it to me like a dog on your hands and knees. His fingers flew over the keys and he leaned back, waiting for her to enter, his heart racing a million miles an hour.


Would she bring him his favorite pop or just another brand in the fridge? How would she enter his room? She could walk in and hand it to him, but would she obey his command?

Moments later, the door was nudged open as mom crawled in like a dog, pushing his soda along on the floor.

"Mom, what are you doing?" James said as he took the can from her.

"I don't know...what came...over me." She was flushed as she looked around.

"The neighbors won't see you." He took delight in scolding her.

She rose to her feet and James typed another command.

Grow your breasts larger!

Her medium sized breasts blossomed into full-sized monsters, pushing against her shirt and bra, snapping them. He watched, bemused as her bra fluttered to the floor.

"What the hell!" She stared at her breasts as she scrambled backward. With trembling hands, she touched her large tits as if she couldn't comprehend what was going on.


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