Bimbo 12 Vol 2

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Bimbo 12 Vol 2

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I'd always had a thing for my 18-year-old sister, Kate. Tall, with legs way up to here, bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a very sexy smile. Not only that, but she had the biggest breasts on the block. I mean she was stacked. She was everything any guy could ever want.

But when I overheard her telling her friend how she was through with guys and never wanted kids, I knew something had to be done.


Stories Included:

- From A To D - A Brother Sister Bimbo Fuck Story
- I Slipped My Sister A Bimbo Pill
- I Turned My Shy Sister Into A Horny Sex Mad Bimbo!
- Breeding A Baby In My Bimbo Aunt
- Bimbo Daughter Knotted By The Boss' Dog
- Free Use 5: Knocking Up The Bimbo Bride
- Free Use Bimbos 1: Turned My Sister Into A Bimbo Sex Fuck Doll
- Force Breeding My Bimbo Sister
- Free Use Bimbos 2: Breeding My Sleepwalking Niece In The Bathroom
- Free Use Bimbos 3: I Knocked Up My Bimbo Aunt In The Backseat While Mom Drove
- Free Use Bimbos 4: Milking My Lactating Sister In Public
- Free Use Bimbos 5: Taking The Judge


My sister was a high-powered attorney. She handled very large clients on a daily basis. She had also just given birth and was lactating. Unbeknownst to her, I had a milk fetish. As this was a free-use world, I decided that I was going to pay a visit to her while she was working.

How was I supposed to know she was in the middle of a court case?

Explaining my way past the guards, I burst open the court-room doors, scanned for my sister and walked up to her.

Monica was a very beautiful, tall, stacked blonde goddess of a woman. With green eyes and long legs, she was every man's desire.

"What's the meaning of this?" The judge demanded.

"I'm here to free-use my sister. Surely you understand, right?" I spoke calmly and confidently to the judge who reminded me a bit of Judge Judy. Inside my rib-cage, though, it felt like a family of chimpanzees were playing drums.

The judge thought about my request, then nodded her head.


Good. Now to get down to business.

Every eye was upon me as I whispered in my sister's ear and slowly began undressing her. She continued to move around the courtroom and speak to the judge and her client.

She knew the rules: completely ignore me and let me do whatever I wanted.

I salivated at the thought of seeing my sister completely naked for the first time. I knew she had large, milk-filled jugs, but how large? How veiny were her breasts and how rich was her cream.

Standing behind my sister, I began undressing her. Slowly. I wanted to savor every single moment of this. I was humiliating her in front of the judge and the other lawyer. The jury looked on in silence, but I knew what was going through their heads.

The entire room gasped when her large, milky melons flopped into view. Even I was taken aback by their size and beauty. Large, rich veins criss-crossed her milk globes. A large droplet of milk clung sexily to her fat nipple. She shivered at her sudden nakedness.

But still ignored me.


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