Bigfoot Knocked Up My Dog

by Amber FoxxFire

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I was just minding my own business fishing by the lake when something startled me and ran off with my dog. Chasing it down, I realized it was the legendary Bigfoot. But what was that he was doing with my dog?

Someone had to stop him! He was so…gigantic! He could hurt my dog! But…I was utterly mesmerized by the sheer size of it. All I could do was watch helplessly as Bigfoot knocked up my bitch.


However, it was when she yelped that I jerked my head up just in time to see a very large creature that looked just like those fuzzy, out-of-focus Bigfoot pics throw my dog over his shoulder as if she were a sack of potatoes.

Man, that thing was huge! I'd say he was at least 9 feet tall and his shoulders were broad and arms were thick with muscle.

That stirred me up in more ways than one. I was so shocked that I stood, rooted to the ground as Bigfoot carried my dog off into the forest.

Another was pure animal lust that coursed through my female body. My heart pounded on its wild song of desire at the sight of the beast.

"Hey!" I shouted, shook my head and swallowed my fear as I took off after them. I wanted my dog back!


Dropping my pole, I raced to where my dog had been abducted by Bigfoot. Holy shit! The beast's footprints were larger than my head! Was I really going to go into the forest to get my dog back? Pushing away my fear, I followed the impossibly large tracks deep into the conifers.

I was starting to get worried about my dog as I walked through the wild land. Would Bigfoot devour her? What else could he want? It struck me like a blow as I recalled that Jazz was in heat. He must of smelled her and taken her as a mate. He's a horny bastard!

"Jazz! Here girl." I shouted at the top of my lungs and whistled as my soft feminine voice carried through the trees.

Nothing stirred in the tall pines, not even the wind, it was a spooky silence that made me shiver with dread. To say I was worried was an understatement as I walked on, calling her name.

Where could he have taken her? Did he take her to his den?

Then I heard her playful bark echoing through the forest. What? Was I hearing things? Why would they be playing? Heat. It had to be. Was Bigfoot seducing my dog?


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