Big Money Brat

by Sara Kitty

Book Cover: Big Money Brat

The BRAT needs to earn her own money for college, so she can show the MAN OF THE HOUSE that she's strong and independent. She signs up for an auction to give one lucky rich man the chance to take her home for the night and do as he pleases with her.

But what if the man who wins the auction is...


About the Author

Hey Everyone!

I'm Sara Kitty, and I have lots of really naughty thoughts that I like to share through my writing. I'm 23 years old and a resident of Chicago (though I come from the South, y'all). So many people told me to write erotica after I started telling them my stories, so I thought about it for a bit and decided to go for it!

I'm a very bad kitty who likes to scratch and get her claws dirty.

Thanks for reading!

Sara Kitty

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