Big Dick Dogs 16 Pack

by Jazzy Paws

16 Hot Dog Sex Erotica Stories by Jazzy Paws.
Mind control, virgins, domination, knotting, impregnation, and more!

Stories included:

Tied to the Dog

Mind Controlled By The Golden Retriever To Be His Cum Eating Slut

I Am My Rottweiler’s Cum Eating Slut

Forced To Knot With The Pack

Mastered By Daddy’s Mastiff

Twins: Fucking The Dog

The Dog’s Virgin Cum Slut

Virgin Pussy Pounded By My Alpha

Dominated By My Best Friend’s Dog

Forced To Be The Pack’s Cum Eating Slut

Dicked By The Dachshund

Doberman Tag Team

Poodle Pounding Pussy

Gangbang at Doggy Daycare

Daddy Caught Me With The Dog

Tied Down & Fucked At The Pug Farm

About the Author

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jazzy Paws and I really love dogs and other furry creatures. I enjoy writing about the adventures that humans can have with their animal lovers. Sometimes it can get a little "ruff", but that's fine by me!

Thank you for stopping by my page!

Jazzy Paws

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