Bestiality Mind Control 2: Hypnotized By My Boss’s Dog

by Amber FoxxFire

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Tasked with dog-sitting her boss’s Doberman while he went on vacation, Lori thought it would be easy. How much trouble could a large dog get into, anyway?

Damien getting fed steak at every meal was her first clue. She couldn’t afford to feed him like that - not on her paltry salary.

That she found herself stopping at the store for exactly that was her second.

But by then it was too late.


"What? You want me to watch Damien, your Doberman?" Lori asked, inwardly groaning.

"Yeah. Wifey wants to go to Hawaii and can you believe it, we can't take Damien?" Her boss said with a jovial laugh.

Lori saw her plans for the weekend evaporate. All to gain the boss's favor.

"Sure, I'll do it." She said with a painted smile.

"Good girl. If you're really good, I'll bring it back a souvenir from Hawaii." Her boss handed her the leash and strutted away.

She looked at the list she'd been given. Her jaw dropped at the dog's menu when she saw all sorts of expensive steak.

"You eat steak three times a day? I can't even afford it once on the pay that they give me!" She made sure the boss was out of earshot when she said that.

"Sorry bub, I can't afford it. You're getting el-cheapo dog food."

The Doberman wagged his tail and smiled.

On her way home, she stopped her car.


"Funny, I thought I heard something." She muttered. Looking around, she only saw the large Doberman sitting in her front seat.

Steak. She heard in her mind.

Lori looked at the Doberman who was sitting primly on the seat. He stared at her with his large, brown eyes as the compulsion overcame her.

A large, juicy steak over-laid in her mind and that was suddenly all she could think about. But not for her. For the dog.

Shaking her head, she drove to the store and purchased the most expensive steaks she could find. It didn't matter if she went over her food budget, it was just something she had to do.

When she came out to the car, she opened a package of prime rib and let the dog eat it. Shaking her head, she wondered why she was feeding the dog meat that she couldn't afford.


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