Bestiality Dog 2: Mind Controlled By The Dog

by Velvet Diamond

He was a good boy. The goodest of boys in fact.

The neighbors dropped him off for the weekend and by the time they picked him back up on Monday, I was pregnant with his puppies.


When my husband brought home Bear, our new German Shepherd, I knew the moment I saw him that something was off. There was just something not quite right.

My feelings were justified when I realized he had mind control powers.

But by then, it was too late...

The first inkling that anything was wrong was when I was feeding him and I kept grabbing "people food" from the fridge instead of pouring him his dry dog food. It was his first day and instead of settling in, he was trying to establish his dominance.

Don't get me wrong, Bear was a good dog. He was smart, active and obedient. But he also knew how to connect to my mind and make me do things I normally wouldn't.

Like, that first night - after my husband went to bed, of course - Bear beckoned me to his doggy bed so that I could give him a kiss goodnight.

A kiss goodnight? What the hell was that all about?


It turned out to be a bit more than "just a kiss" - it was more like a snogging session. Like most people, I never let a dog kiss me on the mouth. But the moment I'd sat down on his dog bed with him, he'd compelled me to open my mouth and take his long, exploratory tongue inside. What on earth was going on?

I could "feel" his mind inside of my own. It was really weird. Worst part was, I couldn't kick him out. I couldn't resist him. I felt compelled to obey. In a weird way, it was like he was the master and I was the pet.

So, I sat there running my hands all over the beast's soft fur and holding his head close to mine as we kissed and made out like lovers. Who the fuck knows where his tongue had been!

But that was the thing. Not only was I being forced to make out with him, he had somehow tricked my mind into liking it.

Sure, it sounds like some kind of weird excuse, but I swear it wasn't.

After our heavy make-out session, I awoke the next morning to him under the covers licking out my bare pussy. No man but my husband had ever seen - let alone touched - my pussy.

But feeling Bear's hot tongue and cold nose pressing against my lady parts had me panting and moaning. I slapped my hand over my mouth as I didn't want to wake the husband and try to explain why I was letting his dog lick me out.

The more he licked, the wetter I became. He eagerly lapped up my juices and brushed his large tongue across my clit. Then he snuggled up to me and bade me to kiss and lick off my own sex juices from his mouth.

It was sick and gross and...I strangely felt compelled to do it. I'd never tasted my own pussy before, but I found it flavorful. The more I sucked off his tongue, the more I wanted. It was a strange sensation.

Then, he mentally guided my hand down to his poking peter.

What in the actual fuck? I tried to pull it away, but found I couldn't. It was like I wasn't in charge of my own body.

Or mind.


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