Bestiality 8-Pack Vol. 1

by Krissy Cox

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8 ultra smut, hardcore stories about sexy women getting fucked by animals and sometimes their daddies join in on the fun too. Get the full set at a discount.

Stories Included:

  • Doggie Creampie
  • Making a Baby with Daddy's Dog
  • Cum Slut for My Preacher Daddy #4
  • Taboo Gorilla Sex
  • Fucking Fido
  • Fucking Rex
  • Fucking Duke
  • Fucking Rover

Doggie Creampie - I couldn’t sleep so I made myself a peanut butter sandwich and looked for something good to watch on tv. When I noticed my dad ordered a block of porn on pay-per-view I got horny thinking about him jerking off. My pussy needed a good pounding, but the only one around was our family Akita, Buster.

Dog’s love peanut butter, right?

Making a Baby with Daddy's Dog - Jasmine, the altruistic teenager is back! After offering her lush body to her dad and then to her uncle, all in the hopes of conceiving a baby for her family, her dad’s dog, Brutus, lets it be known he wants a baby too!

Cum Slut for My Preacher Daddy #4 - Just when the Wilson clan thought they were finally free of the demon that wrecked incestuous havoc on their lives, eighteen-year-old April Wilson accidentally summons it back.


Angered by her awakening, the evil entity punishes the dumb cunt by possessing her Preacher daddy and beloved doberman. Now empowered with the unholy force, daddy and dog unleash a wicked fucking on both of April’s virgin holes.

Taboo Gorilla Sex - When a hard up silverback escapes from the animal preserve near the Clark family ranch, Mike Clark instructs his eighteen-year-old daughter to secure all the animals while he goes off to get a tranquilizer gun for protection.

But his daughter, Lauren, scoffs at the idea of doing chores on such a beautiful day and decides to lay out by the pool. It’ll be a life-changing decision for the sexy teenager when the horny gorilla stumbles across her.

Fucking Fido - Eighteen-year-old Amber is living in the big city. After a string of robberies in her neighborhood, she gets a pit bull for protection and finds out the seventy-pound dog is more useful than she planned.

Fucking Rex - Rex, the Rottweiler, is out for revenge! After his neighbor, Sarah, calls the pound on him for trying to maul her beloved cat, Tigger, Rex is out of the clink and back in the neighborhood. Unbeknownst to Sarah, the dog is lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to exact his retribution.

His shot comes when Sarah gets stuck in her cat’s pet door. With both of her holes exposed, Rex seizes the moment to make Sarah his bitch and put his canine seed inside her. And when the interspecies act makes Sarah lactate, Tigger joins in on the fun.

Fucking Duke - My girlfriend, Natalie, hates my dog, Duke. I’ve tried everything to get her to accept him as a part of our family, but she won’t budge. So now it’s time to bring out the big guns — hypnosis. And after Natalie’s entranced, I not only command her to accept Duke into her heart but into her holes too.

Fucking Rover - German Shepherd, Rover, overhears his owner, Misty making an appointment for him to get neutered. Tired of being emasculated, Rover uses his powers of Mind Control on his sexy human and gives her a taste of his potent canine seed. Soon, Misty will be begging her dog to fill her with his pups.


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