Bestiality 50-Pack Volume 2

by Penelope Liksit

50 tales of just the kind of bestial debauchery you're after! This brings together the following bundles:
Punished by the dogs 6-pack/Dog diabolical 4-pack/Doggy golden showers 4-pack/Flaring stallions 6-pack/Dog sex 8-pack/Horse sex 10-pack/100% zoosexual 8-pack/Man on mare 4-pack


With ten dogs surrounding me who all wanted my body, I soon lost track as my body was turned into a parking space for dog cock. Cock after cock exploded hot seed down my gullet. I had to swallow involuntarily, taking the mass of warm, thick bestial spunk down into my stomach. The excess cum falling from the sides of my mouth along with my drool and dripping onto the canvass. My cunt was jackhammered again and again, load after searing load dumped into me till my slut hole was teeming with a mass of hot dog cum. A non-stop waterfall soon formed, flowing out from between my pussy lips, like a dam had broken inside my cunt to let forth a tidal wave of beastly liquid. In amongst this assault of cock on my body I heard the announcers voice. “Don’t let that ass escape boys, show that dirty little whore no mercy.” A cock was immediately directed in between my ass cheeks, so much sweat was in my ass from my fight and my gangbang that it provided good lubricant.


It still stung as the bestial sceptre drove deep into my dirt-box, but I grimaced and took the pain. The mutt on my back savaged my ass, the fact that a cock was now in my shit-hole not escaping the attention of the crowd. “Hump that ass, hump that ass, hump that ass!” I was now a three hole slut for dog cock, on my hands and knees in front of the world. The dog on my back came, emptying the load in his huge dog balls right up my ass-god that hot squirt up my rectum was exquisite. Cock after cock after cock, load after load after load, I lost track of how many. Out of the blue my own orgasm bolted into me. I screamed as my body spasmed violently, a volcanic eruption of squirt shooting out my cunt behind me. “There she blows ladies and gentlemen”, cried the ring announcer to the fanatical crowd, “we have ourselves a squirter on our hands. What depraved bitch you have to be to be fucked into squirting orgasm by a pack of dogs.” My squirt took some of the dog spunk in my cunt with it, creating a filthy cocktail of beast and human cum now spraying wildly onto the canvass. I thought that we had gone through the whole spectrum of bodily fluids now. It took me a minute or so to recover from my climax, get my breath back, and realise that there were no more dog cocks in me. All around me the dogs were just standing there with limp and drained cocks dangling between their hind legs. The crowd were on their feet applauding as I lay there on the canvass with my ass, cunt and mouth aching, my body felt more pained than it did after a fight.


About the Author

The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

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