Bedtime With My Daddy

by Trisha Treat

18 year old Gracie misses the old days, when she was a girl and her Daddy would tell her a bedtime story. When she goes to stay with him for the weekend, he offers to tell her one more story before she goes off to college for good. Gracie forgot to pack her pajamas, though, and when Daddy sees her in bed wearing nothing but lacy panties, story time quickly turns very, very naughty.


"No, Daddy. Get in here with me. I want to fall asleep in your arms. Remember, you said this was supposed to be just like old times, right?" I flashed him an innocent grin.

Daddy slid into the bed beside me, his warm body pressed against my scantily clad one. I rolled to my side and wrapped on leg over his, cuddling up next to him.

He snuggled me close. "What kind of story do you want to hear, baby?" He asked me in a deep voice as he petted my head
"A love story," I replied, my voice suddenly taking on a sultry tone all by itself.

"Ok, then. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, blond girl named Gracie...." He started.

I giggled, and he tickled my sides.

"...Gracie was the prettiest girl in all the land, but her father still had not found her a suitor, for none of them were good enough for his gorgeous daughter."


I rubbed my body against Daddy's, giggling. "Daddy, is that true?" I interrupted him. "Do you really think I am gorgeous? And not just because I am your daughter?" I looked seductively into his eyes while I pressed my tits against him.


About the Author

Hi, I'm Trisha!

I have always believed in the pursuit of pleasure, and my intent is to write stories that will help you do just that. I'm not afraid to write about the forbidden side of sex - those erotic fantasies that are utterly unacceptable but oh- so- persistent when you try to sleep at night.

Go ahead and indulge - get lost in my world of carnal lust and incestuous eroticism.

I hope my stories will help relieve a little pressure, and serve as a reminder that you're not the only one that lusts for the forbidden fruits 😉

Thanks for reading.

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