Becoming Daddy’s Sex Slave

by Trisha Treat

When Jamie gets fired from yet another waitress job, she knows she has a slim chance of getting hired anywhere else in town again. Her Daddy decides that if he is going to have to support her financially even though she is an adult, she is going to have to earn her keep. Daddy is more than eager to train his daughter for her new job as his own OBEDIENT SERVANT.


"You're hired. Welcome to your first day at your new job. You're Daddy's sexual servant now, you will do as I order, and you will do it promptly. You will not be wearing clothes in the house anymore. You will suck my cock when I tell you to, you will bend over when I tell you to. I will fuck you when I want to, where I want to. Do you understand your job description?"

"Y-Yes," I stammered, still turned away from him.

"Face me." I turned around. He reached up to fondle my tits, grabbing my nipples between his thumb and index fingers and pulling me closer by the nipples. His touch was sending jolts of desire to my clit. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be enjoying this or not, but I couldn't help the fact that I was.

"Good, now get on your knees."

About the Author

Hi, I'm Trisha!

I have always believed in the pursuit of pleasure, and my intent is to write stories that will help you do just that. I'm not afraid to write about the forbidden side of sex - those erotic fantasies that are utterly unacceptable but oh- so- persistent when you try to sleep at night.

Go ahead and indulge - get lost in my world of carnal lust and incestuous eroticism.

I hope my stories will help relieve a little pressure, and serve as a reminder that you're not the only one that lusts for the forbidden fruits 😉

Thanks for reading.

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