Beating the Billionaire

FemDom Billionaire BDSM Erotica

by Reagan Snow

Beating the Billionaire by Reagan Snow - FemDom Billionaire BDSM Erotica

A call girl, a bet, and an alpha male who doesn’t see it coming

Hi, I’m Kimberly, a call girl who makes incredible amounts of money giving incredibly wealthy men just what they want. But Dorian…Dorian is different. And it wasn’t until I won our bet that I got to explore just how different he is. Will Dorian acquiesce to an unexpected power flip? Will he crave domination?

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Dorian walked back to where I was standing and then walked around so he was standing behind me. He flicked my ponytail over my shoulder.

I watched the black rubber ball drop down in front of my face. Once it cleared my nose, he pulled the ball back toward me. I licked my lips and when the rubber touched my skin, I opened my mouth to let the ball in. I pressed my teeth against the ball. The rubber gave just enough. I concentrated on breathing through my nose.

I felt the red leather straps pull against the corners of my mouth as he tightened them and then fastened the buckle just under the base of my ponytail.

“I believe that we will start with something simple tonight. Take off your bra and your panties,” he whispered in my ear.

About the Author

I grew up in a small Northwestern town where no one talked about the dark thrills that live in the hidden corners of their minds.

While it may not be polite to talk about those dark desires, it is fun to write about those dark dreams. That is exactly why my wife, Indica Snow, and I write stories both independently and together.

I enjoy exploring the recesses of the attic of my mind and let that curiosity take me wherever it may lead, from a hot wife getting more than she can find at home to a billionaire taking advantage of his wealth…you never know what may come next.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I have written as much as I enjoyed writing down what my imagination has created.

Happy reading,


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