Be My Naughty Photographer : Mommy’s Creampies 18

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Be My Naughty Photographer : Mommy’s Creampies 18
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

The woman who usually takes my photographs for my NaughtyFans page is away for the weekend, and I have no hope of creating the shots that I know my loyal following demands.

I enlist the help of my son Jack who is shy at first, but as I reveal more it’s clear to see that his first priority is not taking photos.

Read as things get even more sinful and I take him inside me, climax and all!


“Keep going,” I reminded him, and Jack brought the camera back to his face.

He put it in front of him and I took a look at his pants.  I could see the thick bulge spreading across them and it gave me a boost of confidence.

I slipped my thumbs into both sides of the waist of my panties and pulled it out and down a ways, revealing the top of my ass.


“Keep going, honey, this is important.”

Jack took another breath and clicked the button again.  The photos came thick and fast as I teased away in front of him.  I heard him breathe a sigh of relief when I sat back down without having showed him anymore of my ass.  Don’t get me wrong, I think he’d have loved to see it, but I don’t think he’d have enjoyed being put in that awkward situation.  I was starting to think I might though.


I split my legs again and sprawled across the couch, inviting the viewer to run their eyes all over me.  I Imagined Jack to be doing the same behind the lens.  The camera was the perfect cover for that.  He could point it at me and then scan the image in front of him without me being any wiser as to where his gaze was falling.  I could make a pretty good guess though.

My hands came to my breasts and I pushed them up in the bra of my bikini.  Jack pulled his face away from the camera and looked over it.

“Are you going to take anything off?” he asked.

“Only if you want me to,” I teased.

He was speechless.  That was rare.

“I usually do,” I confessed.

“Oh,” was all he said.

“Is that a problem?”



I think if I’d have asked that question before we started then Jack might have given a different answer, but now we were mid-flow he was falling victim to the same curse as many of my fans.  Once you see a little bit, you want to see just that little bit more.

My fingers slid under the shoulder-strap and pulled it down my arms.  Jack continued to take photos as I slowly removed the other strap, staring right at the camera the whole time.

Whenever Janice photographed me I’d stare at the lens and imagine that I was looking right into the eyes of my NaughtyFans, but when I looked to the camera now the only person I was posing for was Jack.

By now the bulge in his pants was fully grown.  It’d twitch every now and then and Jack would adjust himself.  I think he thought he was keeping himself hidden, but his pants were so tight on his waist that I could make out every inch of him—and there were quite a few inches.

I could feel myself start to get wet as I tugged at the cups of my bikini.  I pulled them down a little and pushed my tits together with my fists, revealing the slightest hint of nipple.  The camera’s shutter-sound quickened as Jack let off a flurry of photographs.

“Steady on there, stud,” I told him.

He pulled away from the viewfinder and looked over the camera at me.  His pupils were fat with lust.  I couldn’t help but match him.

“Don’t stop completely,” I said.  “We’re getting to the good part.”


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