Barebacking My 18-Year-Old Niece In The Pool

by Amber FoxxFire

My 18-year-old niece, Amber, had the hottest little body. I'd been lusting after her ever since she had come of age a few months ago and had caught a glimpse of her naked in the backyard pool.

To say she had the perfect body would've been an understatement.

It took everything in me not to jump in the pool and take her then and there. But I restrained myself.

Instead, I watched her. She must've had a nudist streak in her as she was floating on her back, her entire sexy body on full display to my greedy, hungry eyes.

Good thing her mother wasn't here or she'd have probably scolded her. Then she'd have tanned my hide just for looking.

But her mother was out for the day.

"Amber," I called, my eyes fixed on her luscious tits.

"Yes, Uncle?" She asked, her voice barely audible over the sounds of the water lapping against her body.

"Is there any particular reason you're swimming naked?" I asked, trying to keep my voice even.

She giggled, a smile playing on her lips.

"No, Uncle. I just like the feel of the water on my skin."

I could see that. I could also see the way her nipples had hardened, and her skin was flushed.

"Would you like to join me, Uncle?"

I don't know why, but my cock jerked at that thought.

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