Banging My Twin Sisters By The Pool!

by Amber FoxxFire

Connie and Amber were the most delicious, sexy girls I had ever seen in my twenty-four years of living.

Both were trim and yet curvy in just the right places, both had the same silky long dark-brown hair and crystal-blue eyes, and both were as pretty as any girl who ever graced a porn site.

And, as a sweet-as-fuck bonus, they were identical twins! That meant they were the ultimate fantasy of just about any guy who loved the pleasures of beautiful women.

And having just turned eighteen — with only a few hours difference between them — they were also both fully adults, which let you know that their pussies were super tight and virginal!

The trouble for me — who was as thirsty and desperate for a chance with them as any man would be — was that they were my sisters!

It was just my rotten luck to want them more than all the others.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom for my horny cock.

One day, after discovering I possessed the power of Free Use purely by chance — bagging an attractive blonde girl was out of my league as of just last month — I decided to try out my new found charms on my twin sisters.

All I need was the perfect opportunity to take them, and that opportunity came when I promised them the party of a lifetime when our folks went away.

What they didn’t know was that there would be no party. It would just be us three, in our indoor pool, with the music turned all the way up to drown out their screams as I fucked them hard and fast!

And boy, would they scream!

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