Banging my Pregnant Mom

by Amber FoxxFire

As an attractive guy who'd had his way with many women and could have any woman I desired, I held a deep, dark secret:

I wanted to bang my own pregnant mother!

It was a sick, twisted fantasy, but with my Free Use potion, I could turn that fantasy into reality...


Out of all the countless women I’d fucked in my lifetime, there was one who topped them all: A blonde, heavenly creature who made me sick and needy with lust. Just a glance of her soft and amazingly curvy body turned my horny cock rock-hard in a second. It was crazy how bad I had it for her.

Being a handsome and popular guy, I never had trouble hooking up with girls. However, although I wasn't shy of confidence, there was something about this woman’s body — every inch of it, from her angelic face to her shapely legs and ass — which turned me right back into that unlucky virgin I used to be before finding the power of Free Use.

It wasn't just how stunning this chick was that got me all screwed up inside. No, it was who she was to me that made me yearn for her like no other woman before…


Every time I’d see my mom — who, at the peak of my unhealthy infatuation for her, was heavily pregnant — I’d cream my pants. No lie; just watching her bend down to pick something up, or fan her flushed cheeks from being so big and round, and my cock would strain before exploding into a sticky mess! No other girl ever made me do that. It was only mom who could make me react that way. And the heavier she got through her pregnancy, the more I wanted to fuck her and suck on her huge creamy tits.

One day my chance came calling. I wanted to wait before satisfying my cravings until I could take no more. That was part of what I liked — although I could easily fuck her with my Free Use powers I enjoyed the self-torture of holding off. With her new boyfriend — the lucky bastard who planted his seed inside mom’s womb — at work for the day, I decided I could hold back no longer.

Mom was feeling a little tired that day, being around six months gone, and needed a mid-afternoon lie down. She’d asked me to take care of some jobs around the house, and being the ever dutiful son I was, with nowhere special to be on that warm summers day, I was only to keen to help her out.

I had other plans, though. There'd be no housework. Screw that. No, we’d have the whole afternoon to fuck and I was going to finally make the most out of it.

Resting lazily on the sofa, mom looked beautiful in a snug floral gown. It was silk and it barely clung to her fleshy curves. Her legs, tanned and long, were draped over the armrest of the sofa, showing of her tiny bare feet. With my dick hard as stone — and her pale-blue eyes trained on me as I slowly approached — I took one of her feet into my hands and gently massaged the sole of it.


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