Banging My Sister Bella

BARELY LEGAL TEEN Brother Sister Erotica Taboo Incest Brother Sister Incest Creampie Bareback

by Amber FoxxFire

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None of the college girls could cut it. All I could think about was my 18-year-old sister, Bella. I had to have her. She was the epitome of hot.

After class, with dad gone, I caught her skinny-dipping in our pool. Her sexy body was proudly on display for anyone to see. Including me.

I raced out to confront her. That’s when she noticed the bulge in my pants. Whoops!


I was living the university life while living off campus at my dad’s house at the age of twenty. My sister lived there too with her hot and annoying self. She was eighteen. Bella was her name, and no matter where we went, she attracted all the guys' attention. Even mine.

University was supposed to be a stress reliever, but instead, I see older women and younger ones that just weren’t my type. Maybe I was being picky, but hell, it was my sex and love life we were talking about.

I parked my car at the garage and headed on inside. I was glad to be home after that brutal science exam. It was basically another damn math course. Gross. I wasn’t bad at math, I just didn’t like the effort I had to put into it for one measly answer.

“Hey, dad! You home?” I called out, entering the living room. “Dad?”


I guess he wasn’t home. So I slumped my way up the stairs and found my way to my room for some rest. After that test, I simply wanted to sleep for the rest of the day. Or the semester if that made any sense…

I lay down on my bed and had begun to get some shut eye. The cool darkness was so damn welcomed. I was beginning to drift off, but some splashing noises kept me from getting to my dreamy nirvana.

“What the hell? Is someone swimming?” I got up from my bed and sprinted across my room. I looked out the window and saw my sister Bella swimming.

It wasn’t until she climbed out of our backyard pool to dive in again did I really see something that excited me. Bella wasn’t just swimming, she was skinny dipping in our pool!

“What the hell is she doing? Anyone could see her! The neighbors, a damn cat, anyone.” Not just could, either. I saw her.


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