Bad Girls Do It Better!

by Amber FoxxFire

My 18-year-old daughter, Sarah, was what anyone else would call - a bad girl.

She was a stunning beauty. Her long, blonde hair fell in perfect ringlets, and her crystal-blue eyes shone with mischief.

She had a body that could stop traffic. Her curves were so perfect, they could have made any man lose his mind.

And that was exactly what happened to me.

The way her breasts jiggled with every movement drove me absolutely crazy. I simply couldn't control myself around her.

Of course she knew the effect she was having on me - that was probably why she did it.

So, one day when she came home from the mall, I told her that I wanted to meet her up in her room.

I didn't tell her why, but I think she had an inkling.

"What's up, daddy?" She asked, batting her baby blues as she greeted me at the door.

"You know exactly what's up." I growled as I pushed her onto her bed.

"Tell me, daddy." She teased, her eyes sparkling with lust.

"Tell you what, baby? How much you've been driving me insane? How you've been teasing me with those short skirts and low-cut tops?"

She smiled. "You like it when I dress like a slut for you, daddy?"

"Oh, yes, baby. You know I do."

I couldn't resist any longer.

I pinned her down on the bed and kissed her deeply, my hands exploring her body.

"Tell me, baby. Tell me everything. Tell me what you've been thinking about."

She smiled, her eyes burning with desire. "I've been thinking about you, daddy. I've been thinking about how you'd feel inside me. How it would feel to have your cock buried deep inside my tight little pussy."

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