Bad Dog! Sniffs Pastor’s Wife’s Crotch – During The Sermon! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Bad Dog! Sniffs Pastor’s Wife’s Crotch - During The Sermon! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!
Part of the Bad Dog! series:

This is a story about the sordid exploits of Buddy, a large German Shepherd. See, Buddy has a unique gift - the gift of MIND CONTROL. Watch as Buddy slips into the church and uses his special ability on the pastor’s wife. He doesn’t stop at just sniffing her panties. He wants it all.

Watch as he makes the pastor and congregation watch as he has his filthy way with the pastor’s wife.

Bad Dog!


"Oh please, handsome! I need your big cock deep inside my tight, married pussy." She reached behind her and grasped the large dog's massive cock.

"Let me suck that!" She turned around - so wrapped up in his mind control that she was unaware of her surroundings - and kissed the German Shepherd's massive, red, throbbing cock.

But when she wrapped her pious lips around his eager member, her husband suddenly found his voice.

"Ann!" He hissed sharply, his face as red as the dog's dick. "Ann!" He spoke into the microphone. "What on earth are you doing?"

But Ann could no longer hear him. All she could hear was Buddy's thoughts in her mind. And they were telling her exactly what to do.

She pursed her lips around the large dog's cock and slowly worked her way down his shaft. She had to admit, sucking a dog's cock was completely different than a man's. Not that she knew that from her husband.


What Ann didn't see was her new-found lover snarl silently at her husband, causing him to back off.

He reached for the security button, but the dog projected his mind to his with one word.


He didn't.

Instead, he watched helplessly as his beloved wife of 20 years sucked a dog's cock off into her mouth. Disgusting.

No one saw him reach into his suit pants and begin touching himself.

No one but the dog.

Good boy! The preacher heard in his mind.


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