Bad Daddy Cage Fighter

by Scarlett Delage

Dave is a bad ass cage fighter. The ultimate male. But he is a scoundrel of a man. A man who will stop at nothing to take what he wants when he wants. He will take advantage of naïve clients, he will spy on unsuspecting women in the changing rooms, and when his own stepdaughter visits the gym it is time for his little girl to enter the cage!


“Look, um...”, she never finished her words. She was prey among a pack of wild beasts as they set upon her, their powerful arms seizing her and pulling her to the mat, tearing at her shirt with animal grunts and roars. A huge roar of approval went up as her shirt was torn open, the buttons pinging all over the cage as multiple hands sought the feel of her now exposed flesh. She should not want this, yes she was an all out whore at school, but this...They had not even asked, they had must taken her, excited her. Their animal lust, their sheer force, beasts taking without asking, driven to fuck. They found her so hot they simply could not contain themselves. These were not boys, these were not polite gentlemen. These were animals. Men of violence. The toughest of the tough. The roughest of the rough, and they were going to fuck her in the roughest manner possible.


It was scandalous and criminal, her stepdaddy and his friends taking her like this, but Grace could not deny it. Her cunt was wet.


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